Dion Kitson is an artist born in Dudley and his portfolio spans sculpture, film, collage, text-art, and sound. Dion is using the space as a gallery to show artists from the West Midlands and to show his own work and archive. Having graduated in 2020 with BA Fine Art from Birmingham School of Art, he has since been awarded numerous prizes, including the Tate prize and the ACS studio prize. Judges Gavin Turk and Celia Paul said:

‘Dion’s work is dealing with the reality of being an artist in his environment. He takes the outside world and puts it into work, asking the question “what does it mean to him to be an artist?” I think he has a fascinating approach to his environment.’ – Gavin Turk

‘His work reminded me of poetry, there is a dark humour in it which reminds me of Philip Larkin. Dion’s practice is very appropriate to this particular time and the focus that it gives on how to turn things into playfulness. I’m moved by them.’ – Celia Paul